Friday, 27 May 2011

Fabulous pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We are huge fans of pancakes in our family! I am now quite practised and can definitely make time for pancakes for breakfast, even in our very last minute family. Oscar was happy this morning as he managed to eat 6 pancakes!
If you are particular about your ingredients, pancakes can really be a really nutritious meal! What makes our pancakes completely delicious is the chocolate sauce.
The leftovers we have for pudding - a Pancake cake!
Chocolate Sauce
(I always make this 1st - very quick)
50g Butter
50g Xylitol or raw cane sugar
25g Cocoa powder
3 tbsp of Rice Milk
Chuck all ingredients into a little saucepan and gently heat and mix really well with wooden spoon (if like me, you do not sieve the powder then you may need a little hand whisk to bash out a few little lumps!).
All done, pop into a jug
250g Plain flour (I always use gluten free stone ground flours)pinch of pink Himalayan salt
2 free range eggs
500ml of milk (I use rice milk)
Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil
pop flour and salt into a mixing bowl - add the eggs and half the milk. Mix with an electric whisk, bringing all the flour in from the edges, then add the rest of the milk and make sure the mixture is well whizzed up.
Heat a good quality, non stick little frying pan (poor quality frying pans, see their death with pancakes!) with a little rapeseed oil - needs to be really hot - drain off any spare oil into a pot for use for other pancakes.
Pour half a ladle full of pancake mix into the frying pan, swirl around & immediately lift edges with spatula - and now for the fun bit - Toss Your Pancake! Or you can of course flip it with the spatula if you are feeling a scared! Look even Kate has given it a go!
Pop onto the plate of the best behaved child 1st and let them get messy with Chocolate Sauce, raisins and lemon juice (if they fancy). Be creative use any additions you fancy I also love maple syrup and banana!
With the leftovers, either save for tomorrows breakfast or even better make a Pancake Cake.
Pancake Cake
left over cooked Pancakes
left over Chocolate Sauce
Put first pancake on plate, spread Chocolate Sauce over it. Lay next pancake straight on top, spread Chocolate Sauce over it and so on and so on till all ingredients are used up. Pop into the fridge and take out when ready to eat.
Cut into cake slices and serve.......soooo delicious!

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